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A: Standard Booth   (9sqm , 18sqm)

Basic fittings include   

KT Fascia board with enterprise’s E/C names     Clapboard/Frame Wall (2.5m height)
Booth fully carpeted                                             1 Information Desk 
2 Chairs                                                                2 Spot Lights
One 220V Single-phase Socket                           Waste Basket       

The following sketch is only for reference:


B: Raw Space (min 36m2

Exhibiting ground, p
ublic security, and public liability insurance.


In order to more effectively assist you to complete the preparation for the exhibition and ensure the construction quality and the interests of the exhibitors, the organizing committee hereby designates the following builders to provide you with high-quality services:

New World Marriott Corporate Image Planning (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Add.: Room 2110, Building 2, Yanjiao
Tel: (+8610) 8648 2216
Contact: Tian Yi  (+86)18601300859

Jindian International Exhibition (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Add.: Room 2016, Block A,Tongzhou District,Wanda Plaza, Beijing
Tel: (+8610) 8648 2216
Contact: Mr.Jiang (+86) 186 1165 5559 / Ms.Gao (+86) 186 0093 3952

Beijing Hiven Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Room1709, Block C, Wanda Plaza, Shijingshan Road, Shijingshan District, 100040, Beijing, China
Tel: (+8610) 6865 9227 / 6865 9226
Fax: (+8610) 8868 0811
Contact: Jincheng Hu

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Beijing Hiven Exhibition Co., Ltd.

86-10-68659227 / 9226

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