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China's first set of "one-button" human-machine interaction 7000-meter automatic drill was officially put into industrial testing

On September 1st, China's first "one-button" 7000 m automatic drilling drill was officially put into industrial testing in the Wei 204H62 platform of Changning-Weiyuan National Shale Gas Demonstration Zone, Sichuan Province.

The "one-button" human-computer interaction 7,000-meter automatic drill is a national scientific and technological research task assigned to CNPC by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and the State Energy Administration of China.CNPC attaches great importance to the tasks of scientific and technological breakthroughs, and has set up a high-level scientific and technological leading group led by Dai Houliang, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Chairman of the board, to comprehensively strengthen the leadership and coordination of key and core technologies."One-key" human-computer interaction 7000 meters automatic rig development process, solve multiple "neck" technology bottleneck, has overcome "one-key human-computer interaction control"  "independent root" and other four key technologies, develop "efficient power cat lane, integrated iron drill" and other eight sets of key equipment, develop "integrated human-computer interaction software, remote monitoring and predictive maintenance system software" and other three sets of functional software.

"One-button" human-computer interaction is to realize the composite linkage, cross operation and seamless connection of multiple drilling equipment through one key, which reduces the auxiliary operation time and improves the operation efficiency.The overall lift of the rig is upgraded from the original winch traction to the ground remote control liquid cylinder lift, which greatly improves the essential safety and lift speed, and each well can reduce the auxiliary working time for 2-3 days.The rig has received ten invention patents.

The rig has conducted more than 400 equipment and system-level tests.On May 7,2021, the rig passed the factory acceptance and was released.The W 204H62 platform is the first time the rig was inspected for site drilling construction.

Sun Jinsheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, believes that the drilling rig, from the original blue-collar work, to now do white-collar work, can greatly reduce the labor intensity, enhance the international competitiveness of China's oil drilling and mining equipment, improve the drilling speed, improve the quality and efficiency of China, oil and gas exploration and development, plays a very important role.

The rig successfully put into industrial test comprehensive verification industrial test content, set the international advanced level of automation rig, means that CNPC promote oil and gas equipment and oilfield service business automation intelligent upgrade, improve the operation essential safety level, improve the working environment, promote "blue collar into white-collar" with independent technical equipment support, built the national "weight" in the field of drilling engineering, a milestone in the history of drilling equipment in China.

From: China Petroleum News

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