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▼ Relevant institutions in geological industry, enterprises and public institutions, construction units, design organizations;

▼ Geological exploration, scientific and technological innovation and other achievements;

▼ A full set of geological engineering solutions and etc


Geological Mineral & Energy Exploration Technical Equipment

▼ Geological prospecting technical equipment;

▼ Geophysics, geochemistry technical equipment, aerial remote sensing and measuring technical equipment and etc;

▼ Geological mapping technical equipment

▼ Geological data acquisition and processing technical equipment

 Analysis and testing, instrument technical equipment

▼ Adit prospecting, Tunnel Boring technical equipment and etc; Oil exploration technical equipment

▼ Marine exploration technical equipment; Unconventional oil & gas exploration technical equipment

▼ Coal fields, coal exploration technical equipment; Construction Materials exploration technical 


 Nuke industry geological exploration technical equipment;

▼ Hydrographic, geothermal exploration technical equipment;


Geological Technical Equipment in Urban Engineering


 Urban geological servey, urban foundation construction, foundation structure treatment, trenchless construction, environmental  governance & protection engineering and other technical equipment


Geological Disasters Prevention & Control, Post-disaster Reconstruction

Geological disasters emergency rescue technical equipment; Hazards risk assessment, control and survey, construction, design, supervision and etc


Smart Geology

 5G technological innovation and application;

 An exploration-development integrated and intelligent collaboration platform


 Integrated Technical Equipment and etc

▼ Geological followup, storage and transportation, processing, safety, communication, software, etc

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